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Branding is a process. One that requires as much care as it does time,

one that craves detail and compassion, one that takes you

from where you are to where you want to be.


Jennifer Espinosa Waldroup

I have been doing events for years. This was the best event, by far! I love how professionally it was run. All of us vendors were really given the royal treatment. I want to be a part of every event handled by this company.

Jennifer Espinosa Waldroup, Small Business Owner

Cara Daphne Lott

Baley Allred is one of Nashville’s brightest gems in the entertainment promotion industry. For creativity, professionalism, and results, you cannot go wrong with Red Griffin.

Cara Daphne Lott, Professional Musician

Kari Redmond

Having been involved in the production/entertainment industry for the past forty years, I have had the privilege of working with some of the most prestigious names in the industry. Red Griffin Entertainment is at the top of that list. I cannot say enough positive things about this highly professional team. Wonderful people delivering top notch, quality services!

Kari Redmond, Co-founder of Advantage Models and Talent

Andrew A., Borderland Expeditions Founder

They did a fantastic job not only implementing our new website but also in providing us with an exemplary marketing vision moving forward!

Andrew A., Borderland Expeditions Founder

Ryan S. Smith, Former Mayor

Red Griffin has been more than just another good company to work with; they have been an awesome extension of our team! They have helped us to move not only our organization forward, but our entire community forward. Their staff works hard and brings a level of excitement and energy that is paramount when pulling off massive feats. What to me was impossible, they made possible and easy!

Ryan S. Smith, Former Mayor

Connie Cody, Station Manager

The team at Red Griffin is so talented. They turn my scribble into a piece of artwork. They produce quality work and are always so patient and friendly. Sometimes I’m not even sure what I want and they help me figure it out!

Connie Cody, New Life Radio Station Manager

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Wyatt Easterling

We’ve been working with Wyatt for over a year now and he’s become like family to us (as so many of our clients do). While we provide other services such as advertising administration, website development, and SEO, managing his social media has become one of our favorite projects. We love finding new ways to tell his story and share his music. We always take advantage of every minute we have with Wyatt when he’s in town to create new content. We hope every image and video evokes a deeper emotion in his audience that helps them to Know, Like, and Trust him more. Your audience will follow you when they feel the content relates to them and the aesthetic appeals to their preferences. They will purchase from you when you establish trust and a personal connection through credible and reliable posts. Read more about our social media strategy here

Vincent Peach

Vincent Peach

Working on the Vincent Peach project the past year and a half has been a real source of joy for our team. What started as a Video Production and Content Creation collaboration quickly evolved into long-term Social Media Management, Advertising Administration, and overall Growth Initiatives for the brand. We’ve truly been able to unleash our creative spirits while strategizing how to capture a wider audience, effectively convert them into paying customers and establish brand loyal fans. Not only is the jewelry beautiful, but the people behind the company have a heart of gold and we’re so blessed to work alongside them on a daily basis.

Brand Reputation Repair and The Future

Brand Reputation Repair and The Future

Times are changing! Over the last few months, we’ve all faced incredible challenges due to Covid-19. It’s been a journey into the unknown, as we have dealt with the virus itself, and all of the fallout that has affected our businesses, economy, and nearly every aspect...

Part Three: The Power of your Craft

Part Three: The Power of your Craft

Our “craft”, our ideas and creations carry weight, not only because it’s our own unique interpretation of it, but because no two people in the world are exactly alike. It’s time to put away the comparison, the perfectionism and self-doubt and feel confident in our craft just because it’s our version of it.

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