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Creative Designer (Rolling Applications)

You’re creative, detail-oriented, super talented, and probably a bit quirky.

Creative Designer

This position will require a creative yet business-savvy person that is able to wear many hats. Every day looks a little different at Red Griffin due to the many services we offer and the different types of clients we serve. This role offers the opportunity to have a hand in many different projects.

This person will be corresponding with clients, collaborating on branding and advertising strategies, creating and curating content, brainstorming photoshoot ideas, designing marketing materials, assisting with project management, working with the team to plan & accomplish events, and helping with administrative needs.

Your Responsibilities

  • Manage social media platforms for our clientele including strategy, content creation, posting, audience engagement, and analyzing insights
  • Contribute to relevancy and growth of Red Griffin’s digital presence: website, blog, social media, networking events, newsletter, etc.
  • Help manage email marketing campaigns for various clients
  • Collaborate on brand identities for various clients and how that is translated into digital platforms, marketing materials and advertising campaigns
  • Create brand collateral for various clients including business cards, brochures, etc.
  • Assist in event planning and coordination
  • Photo and video shoot organization and execution
  • Eventually, Project Management of your own clients:  responsible for client communication, assisting in proposal creation, product research, plan of action strategy, the delegation of assignments, collaboration with the team, successful completion of the project, service satisfaction, and client follow-up to ensure lasting relationships

Required Skills

  • Positive attitude and a friendly approach to everyone you meet
  • Professional communication and appearance with clients
  • Teamwork and appreciation for collaboration
  • Ability to handle multiple assignments/deadlines at once
  • Flexibility to work with various client industries and personality types
  • Willingness to develop new skills to contribute to the team
  • Desire to grow as a person and a professional
  • Attention to detail while still working toward the big picture
  • Highly organized and a self-starter with efficient time management skills
  • Excellent grammar and punctuation for creating content
  • Genuine desire to serve others
  • Knowledge of  Adobe Suite (Beginner to Intermediate Level)
  • Strong understanding of current marketing trends and strategies

Additional Skills We Will Love

  • 1-2 years of graphic design experience in any field
  • 1-2 years of previous or current social media or project management
  • Photography skills – ability to assist with set design/shot list for client photoshoots
  • Experience using WordPress or other CMS website design programs
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design or commensurate experience

 Office Quirks

  • Our office hours are Monday – Friday, 9 am – 5 pm but there are many days that are spent elsewhere (i.e. meeting with a client, on site for a photo/video shoot, working an event, at a coffee shop for a breath of fresh air, etc.).
  • We always have a Keurig hot and ready.
  • We are a small and  diverse group of people when it comes to life experience, professional skills, hidden talents, and strengths.

Think you’d be a good fit? Submit your resume, cover letter and portfolio to Please include ‘Creative Designer’ in the subject line. 

As a rolling application, we are always keen to hear from individuals who would be interested in joining our team. If you’d like to throw your creative hat in the ring to be considered for future positions, please feel welcome to submit an application below. You may not hear from us right away, but you’ll be the first candidates we consider when new positions open.

How to Keep the Creative Flow – copy

How to Keep the Creative Flow – copy

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The Importance of Branding

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Shake it Up and Slow it Down

Shake it Up and Slow it Down

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