Times are changing! Over the last few months, we’ve all faced incredible challenges due to Covid-19. It’s been a journey into the unknown, as we have dealt with the virus itself, and all of the fallout that has affected our businesses, economy, and nearly every aspect of every day life. Some brands are emerging in power, resolve, and organization. To put it simply, some brands, if they’re going to survive, need to engage in the process of brand reputation repair.


As our cities around the country begin to re-open, we’re faced with the reality that we don’t know where or how this virus will continue to shape our functioning as a society. No matter your outlook on the decisions being made on when and how to open, it’s important for us to come together, give each other the benefit of the doubt, and find a way to move forward, while also knowing that in the land of the free, people will make decisions that are contrary to what we might make.

And just like in this pandemic, so it is seemingly in business, every day. We make the best decisions we can make, with the information we have, in order to move forward. We don’t always know what we’re dealing with, and there are people who will always second-guess us, but we continue to work.


Over this time, we’ve seen businesses have to re-invent themselves, sometimes over night, only to have to change again the next day. Customer needs and demands have changed, and the way in which our businesses have had to deliver has shifted. Who knows what the “new normal” will be, but one thing we know, the need for technology and online savvy will only increase. Just think about how many businesses had to learn in a short period of time to shift so many of their resources to online ordering, delivery, and just general communication. Unfortunately, the businesses that couldn’t do it, likely won’t survive the economic fallout. For those who already had the measures in place, they have led the way through it.


In our last blog post, I discussed How Your Online Presence Makes a Difference During Covid-19. One of the fascinating things during this time has been to watch how certain brands have been reshaped, or understood by their customers in a different light than before. As businesses have been forced to adjust their messaging, some brands have shown to be incredible leaders, while others have been dealt tremendous blows to their brand quality and recognition. For some, the pandemic has shown the strength of their brand, and for others, it has revealed their weaknesses. Unless it was a really egregious blow, most brands can recover, but it takes a focused, and thought-out approach. Just like anything, brand messaging, image, and communication are critical. For some brands, brand reputation repair and management are going to be their only ways for survival going forward.


In the spirit of moving on to new horizons, we’re excited to announce that we are moving into new offices beginning June 1! We’ve loved our time on Music Row, but as some of you may have seen, our house-office is being sold. No, we’re not being sold, and we’re not closing, we’re just relocating to some new digs that we’re really excited about! We believe we’re going to be able to provide even greater service to our partners and clients, with some new elements that we’ll have in our new place. We’ll follow-up soon with pics and more details!

Moving forward!

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