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Mo Wifey Points

the story

Our team was tasked with marketing a true one-of-a-kind character: a man on a mission to share countless romantic tips with the everyday husband. 

the process

We were asked to put together a collection of brand basics that would best represent the relatable husband in need of some romance help.

Our Goal: To design the brand basics for MoWifey and to serve as the marketing team in charge of managing its digital presence.

Our Strategy: After developing a brand identity with a friendly face and a memorable logo, establishing the vision for our promotions, creating a flawless mobile app and user-friendly website, and doing more coffee shop research on good husband advice than we ever thought we would, we were ready to launch Mo into the world.

the result

Through email marketing, social media management, consistent blog posts, promotional videos, and an eCommerce portal within the website, we built a supportive platform for Mo to make his mark on husbands all over the world.

summary of services

  • Advertising Administration

  • Content Writing & Editing

  • eCommerce Setup

  • Email Marketing

  • Logo & Business Card Design

  • Mobile App Design

  • Social Media Management

  • Video Production

  • Website Design & Management

Marketing vs. Branding

Marketing vs. Branding

Marketing and Branding often get grouped together, but how they differentiate is important to understand and distinguish. 
In short, marketing addresses how and branding addresses why. Marketing confirms the need and branding determines the reach. Marketing deals with the audience and branding deals with the design. 
One without the other leaves a lot of room for error and very little room for success. Read more to see why!

Branding in Color

Branding in Color

Color is everywhere. The colors we interact with have various effects on how we feel, perceive, and act. Thus, color is powerful.
How color is used in branding is instrumental in efficacy and reach. It can provoke, instill, suggest, promote, etc.
Color is (nearly) everything.
Read more to learn how color can impact your branding!

The Importance of Branding

The Importance of Branding

We know branding is important because everyone tells us it is. It’s tirelessly discussed in executive meetings across industries. It’s proven through ROI’s. It’s evident in sales. It’s expressed through word of mouth, moving from ear to ear. Do you know why, though?

Part Three: The Power of your Craft

Part Three: The Power of your Craft

Our “craft”, our ideas and creations carry weight, not only because it’s our own unique interpretation of it, but because no two people in the world are exactly alike. It’s time to put away the comparison, the perfectionism and self-doubt and feel confident in our craft just because it’s our version of it.

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