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New Life Radio

the story

Rebranding projects happen to be a house favorite around here. And with a client like New Life Radio, we fell in love with the station’s values- to enrich, encourage, and inspire.

the process

Lucky for us, New Life loved their values too! So much that they tasked us with a business rebrand that would portray those values, while effectively preparing the station to expand their reach.

Our Goal: To form a brand identity centered on enriching, encouraging, and inspiring, with the support of promotional materials that would catch attention and cause a reaction.

Our Strategy: Our team set out on designing a new logo and website that would read with a warm feel and a definitive purpose. We focused on reliability and approachability when designing the marketing materials, and we made sure their website had a strong position of empowerment throughout.

the result

With a new brand to celebrate and the materials they need to wow their audience, we were able to give this well-loved station the more relevant look they were going for to be a competitive station in the state of Tennessee.

summary of services

  • Advertising Administration

  • Business Card Design

  • Logo Design

  • Growth Plan

  • Promotional Material Design

  • Trade Show Display Design

  • Video Production
  • Website Design

The team at Red Griffin is so talented. They turn my scribble into a piece of artwork. They produce quality work and are always so patient and friendly. Sometimes I’m not even sure what I want and they help me figure it out!

Connie Cody

Station Manager, New Life Radio

The Value of Brand Loyalty

The Value of Brand Loyalty

The key to brand loyalty is value.

Establishing value, increasing value, sustaining value, retaining value, advertising value, communicating value… and so on. You get it.

The value your product and/or service provides is why the customer continues to come to you. Knowing the ‘why’ helps craft your evolving ‘how’ and the loyalty grows from there.

Brand loyalty requires value to exist, visuals to be recognizable and cohesive, and consistency to carry them all the way home.

Design Study – Our Take On Branding an Interior Design Firm

Design Study – Our Take On Branding an Interior Design Firm

We set out to create a mockup for an Interior Design concept called “Studio 27.” The name emulates innovation, sparking a sense of design experimentation and discovery. As seen in the mood board, the firm is eccentric when it comes to design. Unique colors, shapes and patterns are some of the main focal points of the rooms created. This plays into the overall brand as Studio27 remains selective over the projects and clients they choose to work with. When you see the room, you will know it was the work of Studio27.

Movie Set Aesthetics We’re Enamored With

Movie Set Aesthetics We’re Enamored With

When we think of storytelling we think of the obvious: words. Words that are shared to recall an event with a friend, words that are written into a journal for one’s future self, words that are typed in courier, size 12, single spaced on the script of a film. The power of storytelling is found in its ability to evoke emotion and move an audience. Film is known best for this power of storytelling.

RG Playlist: Retro Daze

RG Playlist: Retro Daze

Nothing inspires us more than taking a trip back into time. Here’s to throwing on some bell bottoms, plaid blazers, and headphones blasting some Whitney Houston and Queen.

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