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RG Rebrand: The Why, The How, & The Importance

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Megan Rasmussen

Director of Project Operations; Word-Slinger; Avid Taco-Lover

Why the New Face?

Cue the champagne and tissues. Red Griffin Entertainment has officially lived on Music Row for 10 years (woah). And what better way to celebrate than with a new face?

We started out as a publishing company with a passion for all things music. We had a desire to foster genuine connections between artists and their audience and believed that no matter the genre, the artist-audience relationship was the key. It didn’t take long for us to see so many other needs that artists were lacking. Most of them were sitting on their “best song ever” with no plan of action to get it heard, and almost all of them hadn’t figured out the purpose behind their music (or their look/target fan group, merchandise materials, etc). This realization caused us to reevaluate our role in Music City. With design, startup business success, photography, video and TV production experience, and a heap of love for the creative individual, it was quite clear that we had something else to offer. So we took it one project at a time. A logo here. A website there. Some identity consultations and social media growth assignments. Eventually, we were servicing professionals, entrepreneurs, corporate companies, and artists alike. Fast forward a few years and we had a whole mess of talent coming in and out of our doors, all in need of a marketing team.

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Ten years later we’ve reached another turning point. Stepping back from the Red Griffin Entertainment we have spent so much time investing in, we took last summer to ask ourselves the same questions we ask a client looking for their identity.

We discussed what we value as a company. We revisited what our strengths are (since they are constantly changing). We talked about who we want to service and how we want to move forward into this new year. And asking ourselves all of these questions made one thing very clear: there isn’t a service we have that compares to our branding. Something magical happens when our team gets together to brainstorm a grassroots identity for a singer or a rebrand for a well-known healthcare company. We thrive off of other peoples’ passions, and can’t help but smile when we hear about a big dream. So often a great idea comes through our door, but they aren’t able to tell us the why or how of what they want to achieve. And that’s our favorite place to step in.

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It took a lot of hours-more like days and weeks, to settle on the look for our rebrand. Turns out giving your own company a new face is much harder than doing it for someone else. We knew we wanted a more sophisticated look that still had to portray our approachable team vibe, so we settled on a neutral color palette with pops of our signature red. We wanted to make sure we created something straightforward to best communicate our identity, so we formed a much more minimalist look with lots of clean space and room for good taste. That’s why our new materials, including this website, are so clean and fuss-free. We didn’t want anything taking away from a focus on the professional service we offer.

This rebrand is a representation of our best foot forward. We still make the same bad jokes and listen to way too many Jimmy Kimmel interviews. And we still approach every project craving for a challenge. We just have an identity that makes sense, a service focused on creating the best brands, and a look that gives our own brand the Red Griffin touch.


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