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As a hyper-creative team, we’re always practicing our craft. We’re creating mood boards, designing album covers, coordinating photo shoots, strategic planning, brainstorming, and the list goes on.

Every day we’re trying to push the boundaries, consistently offer fresh perspectives and find ways to showcase a brand in a new light. This can lead to multiple “writer’s blocks” and shorter “ideas” lists.

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Studies show that people who feel in control of their time are more relaxed, creative and productive.”

“In Praise of Slowness”, Kinfolk Magazine Issue 15

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That’s why we’re always looking for new ways to get inspired, motivated and creatively refreshed.

Over time, we’ve noticed common themes when we feel depleted or stuck in a rut. It is often the case that we just need to get over this idea that it needs to be “perfect”, get out of our routine, and simply slow down. It’s easy to get caught up in repetitive tasks, in the same space, trying to come up with mind-blowing ideas on a deadline.

We live in a go-go-go society where busy is considered better. While we value a hard-working and go-getter attitude, we find that the quality of our work suffers when we are in a hurry.

We’ve written about How to Keep the Creative Flow Flowin’, where to go to get inspired and how to overcome comparison and perfectionism, but we really want to encourage you to slow down.

Ask yourself, “Does my best work come when I’m rushed … when I’m scrambling to finish ten things at once?”

While we understand that time is a luxury, it will be more beneficial to you, your team and your clients if you do a really great job the first time around instead of spending extra time revising or being creatively blocked for hours.

In the article “In Praise of Slowness” in Kinfolk Magazine’s 15th issue, Carl Honoré writes, “Slower methods of communication—walking across the office and actually talking to someone face-to-face, for instance—can save time and money, and build esprit de corps, in the long run. “

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Creating constantly can be exhausting for the spirit, but when you take your time on a project, you’ll find you have more energy to make high quality, unique pieces and more vigor to tackle your next endeavor.

So take longer sips of that coffee and maybe break out a pen and paper or go outside and take some polaroids for your mood board. Put away the phone and pick up a book, take extra time finding the perfect retro playlist, or spend five more minutes choosing an outfit that will help you rock the day.

Just making small changes to shake up your routine or slow down your process will be more rewarding at the end of the day.

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