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RG Talk: Top 25 Cozy Places in Nashville

With the brisk winter weather upon us, we went in search of the coziest places in Nashville to read a book or enjoy good company while escaping the cold. On our hunt, we discovered that the term “cozy” means more than just dim lighting and velvet couches – though we love that too! Here’s a list of all the cozy places you will find us this season.

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Part Two: The Power of your Mind

As much as I love embracing the Power of your “Room”, I really do believe that your mind is the most powerful tool you can give (and take away from) your creativity. Our minds are stretched and transformed every single day- by the words we hear and the people we see, by the things we do and the ways we spend our time. In Part One of this blog, I talked about using your senses to ignite your creativity, but what if managing your thoughts can have the same effect?

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RG’s Fresh Finds

We look forward to the weekend like everyone else, but Spotify’s New Music Friday playlist makes it just that much sweeter. And while they always have the best and newest tunes, we wanted to offer our own fresh FINDS that you might not have heard of otherwise.
Here’s a little treat to make your Friday that much more enjoyable.

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RG Talk: Nashville’s Top 20 Creative Rooms

In part one of our “Big Four for Creatives” series, we explored the impact of your “room” on your creativity. This week we’re taking it one step further by sharing our go-to spots in Nashville that are sure to fuel your creativity. From rooftop bars and restaurants to local shops and the great outdoors, these spaces will make creative block a thing of the past.

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Part One: The Power of your Room

Creativity is a hot topic here at Red Griffin. As a team of creatives in one of the most vibrant cities in the country, we have to remain conscious of how we are stimulating our creativity and allowing it to flourish in order to give our clients our best foot forward. In this four-part series, we’ll show you how to bring your creative flow to life because the struggle is real and the creative slump can be even realer.

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How to Keep the Creative Flow

Stuck in a rut? Creatively blocked? Out of coffee!? As part of a creative branding agency, the constant pressure to be innovative, unique, and impactful with our content can be draining. It’s tough to avoid the competition, and it’s even tougher to come up with a truly one-of-a-kind idea.

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Hidden Gems for the Foodie

There’s something about this town and its obsession with growing the “foodie” population that has sprung up in recent years. It’s pretty tough to keep track of all of the new restaurant openings and the best bars/coffee shops/food festivals/happy hours/etc.

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Wrapping Up 2017

We couldn’t have asked for a busier ending to this year. With a medical company rebrand, commercial Christmas decorating, our own rebrand project, a healthcare provider video project, and a Christmas festival all wrapped into one blur of a winter season, we are very ready for a quiet couple of weeks of hot cocoa, fuzzy socks, and cheesy Hallmark movies.

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