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Hidden Gems for the Foodie
Megan Rasmussen
Megan Rasmussen
Director of Project Operations; Word-Slinger; Avid Taco-Lover
There’s something about this town and its obsession with growing the “foodie” population that has sprung up in recent years. It’s pretty tough to keep track of all of the new restaurant openings and the best bars/coffee shops/food festivals/happy hours/etc. Which is why our team is so grateful for resources like Nashville Guru and Nashville Eater, but given that this booming city is so committed to incredible culinary innovation, we still manage to stumble on some epic finds of our own.
cup of coffee on table with magazine
Avocado toast and coffee with plant
“You’re not only interesting, but original, not only good enough, but exceptional – not just here but here for a purpose.”
Darling Magazine
vanilla latte and book on table with chair
RG’s Epic Dessert Find —It was a Monday night like any other. After a busy day of team meetings and copywriting for the finishing touches of our rebrand, I thought I’d wind down with a glass of wine atop my favorite rooftop bar in town. Never would I have thought I would encounter this beauty. 

Meet the Square Biz. Now cancel all of your plans and head to L.A. Jackson for the most decadent ice cream sandwich you’ve had in your life. My mouth is already watering…

The L.A. Jackson menu very unassumingly lists this sweet ride as follows:

“salted caramel bourbon ice cream between two layers of blondie dipped in caramel chocolate & rolled in pralines”

I feel like I could write five more pages about the amount of delicious flavor packed into this classy yet affordable treat. Instead, I’ll just invite everyone to join me on the rooftop, because it happens to be a Monday and because I don’t want to wait another week to experience this dessert.

L.A. Jackson ice cream sandwich dessert
Iced Coffee and Chocolate donut

RG’s Favorite Carb-Load — I know we sound like a bad influence, but if you can take a long lunch and go to Nada, you definitely should. Kate has been talking about the Sweet chili-glazed potatoes almost daily for the past three weeks. 

RG’s Go-To Caffeine Spot — We are as in love with Star Bagel as ever. Their kind faces, tasty bagel sandwiches, and sugared up Honey Bee latte is all we need to take our stress away.

Or if you’re a chocoholic like us, go for the mocha and a chocolate Five Daughters donut at Barista Parlor. Trust us, you’ll be bouncing off the walls after this breakfast.

RG’s Suggested Green Contrary to popular belief, brussel sprouts can taste amazing, especially when you cook them in apples, pancetta, and a whole lot of Moto’s date night expertise.

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